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Who We Are

Neuvotech Systems LLP will be your digital transformation partner for business growth and a platform for budding youth to embark their career. We are the IT division of the Bell Foods Group, established in 1968, based in Kochi, Kerala. Our services include E-Commerce Application Development, ERP Solutions, Website design and Mobile Apps Development,Training potential budding minds to master emerging technologies (Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation services) and provide assistance to PhD implementation to aspirants. We aim to achieve the fastest growing IT startup in Kochi in a short span of three years through agility and smart collaboration with our partners by transforming their Business interests using emerging trends and Technologies. Our sole focus and objective to enable progress through continuousinnovation and achievement.

Company Overview

Bell Neuvotech LLP will deliver digital transformation solutions and technology services from ideation to implementation. Our objective is to harness young creative talents and act as agile hub to create, innovate and tailor solutions that will span across the digital value chain. We possess expertise and knowledge in the domain of emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT andCyber Security. Through tie-ups with prestigious educational institutions both in India and abroad we are always in the forefront of furthering our knowledge. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company exploring options for an awesome website or looking to improve to accelerate business and growth, Neuvotech LLP can definitely be the partner of choice.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide trusted emerging Technology solutions and Services globally that will enable businesses and society to thrive.

Our goal is to brand the organization to be amongst the leading choice among Customers and Employees.

To be recognized as the best IT solution and Training Service Provider in futuristic technologies that will meet the human capital shortfall through innovative research and agile design approach.

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What We Do

We develop highly affordable software for large and small companies applying modern ideas.Increased competition in markets force companies to develop and innovate new apps and softwares. We solve business challenges through advanced technology solutions.We help to make make your business reach new heights with newly advanced technologies.